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IMS/PIC Headlines - 2011

Action 10 and FUP - November 21, 2011

Voucher issuance problem with FUP

Housing agencies running Family Unification Programs have reported a problem submitting a Form 50058 Action 10 - Issuance of Voucher for families when the codes FUP/FUPF/FUPY are entered in field 2n of the form.

The program office has advised us that these HAs should not enter FUP/FUPF/FUPY in the field 2n for the Action 10 - Issuance of Voucher. A fix is proposed for our April 2012 release, but in the interim HAs are advised to leave this field blank when the family is shopping for a new unit. Once the family is ready to be housed, the HA can then enter the proper FUP code in field 2n.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Delinquency Details Report Fixed - November 8, 2011

Issue with Display of Delinquency Detail

Yesterday we reported that there was a display issue with the Form 50058 Delinquency Reports "50058s Received" link. That issue has been fixed and the data is once again available for your review.

Thank you for your understanding as we worked to resolve this issue.

Issue with Delinquency Details Report - November 7, 2011

The monthly form 50058 summarization completed successfully over the weekend; however, there is a display issue with the "Detailed Delinquency Report" when user clicks on the link under "50058 Received" column.

We are aware of this issue and are looking to resolving this issue as soon as possible. A new headline will be posted when the detailed delinquency report is updated.

Release 7.3 Success - October 31, 2011

IMS-PIC Release 7.3 successfully deployed

Release 7.3 was successfully installed over the weekend of October 28-30. Form 50058 files that were queued up on Friday should have processed properly.

If you encounter any issues, please contact your local PIC Coach or call/email the Technical Assistance Center.

System Down for Release 10/28/2011 - October 22, 2011

All PIH Systems Offline Weekend of

The entire PIH Secure Systems, including all of IMS-PIC, Form 50058 and SEMAP will be offline beginning at 5 pm EDT on Friday, October 28, 2011, for installation of a set of major software upgrades and all PIH Secure Systems will remain offline for all purposes until 7 am EDT on Monday, October 31, 2011.

The IMS-PIC upgrades will include the following:

  • Correcting a problem with the Overlapping Dates and MTW agencies.
  • Upgrading our ability to update and modify the main menu page with notices and headlines.
  • Major upgrades to our infrastructure and screens to better serve both our general users and visually-impaired users.
  • Upgrading the LOCCS interface to more accurately display funding for CFRC grants.
  • Upgrading the Re-examination Report so it will generate a report even if geocoding is incomplete.
  • Correcting two fiscal year selection problems for Demo-Dispo applications.
  • Correcting a report problem for project-based vouchers.
  • Correcting a calculation problem in Section 6 of the Demo-Dispo application.
  • Correcting generation problem with the Deconcentration Analysis Report.
  • Correcting a problem with the Portability Billing Report and MTW tenants.

We appreciate your patience during this upgrade period and, to all "kids" at heart, have a Happy Hallowe’en.

SSA Randomization - October 18, 2011

Social Security Administration Changes to New Numbering System

During June 2011, the Social Security Administration changed the way that new social security numbers (SSN) are assigned, moving from geographically based assignments using group and area numbers to a new randomization process. Because of this change, IMS-PIC will no longer be checking the algorithmic correctness of SSNs. Form 50058 warning message 5292 and fatal error message 5323 will no longer be generated.

No changes need to be made to tenant form 50058. Validation of SSNs, names and dates of birth will continue within the EIV system, with the results funneled back to IMS-PIC.  

Cap Fund Certification Open - October 3, 2011

FY 2012 Cap Fund Certification has begun

IMS-PIC Cap Fund Certification for FY 2012 runs from 10/02/2011 to 11/04/2011.

Cap Fund certification only looks at HUD-approved data so, if you haven't done it recently, please submit your data for Field Office approval before you begin the certification process.

If you have a development missing from your Cap Fund data, please call your PIC Coach immediately!

For old 8-digit developments, if you agree with the values, even if they are zero, then certify them.

New Schedule for Upload Processing - August 27, 2011

Bldg and Unit and DIS Batch Uploads

We have noticed problems with server reboots occuring in the afternoon causing upload files to lock up and stop processing.

Therefore, effective immediately and until we can identify and correct what is causing the files to lock up, we will turn off processing between 2 PM and 6:30 PM EST daily for the following types of uploads only:

  • Building & Unit Data Uploads
  • DIS Batch Uploads

You will still be able to upload any time.  This change will improve the reliability of the processing and prevent most files from locking up.  No data will be lost.  You will see the results of these two types of afternoon uploads the next morning.  Morning uploads will not generally be affected by this.

June Summarization to be Rerun - July 12, 2011

Monthly Summarization of 50058 Data

Due to an error in the pull of data from the Voucher Management System (VMS), it was decided to rerun the monthly summarization of 50058 data this coming weekend (July 15-16).

Updated data should be available on Monday July 18th. We regret any inconvenience this may have caused.

Known issue with Action 10 - July 5, 2011

Clients unable to submit FUP Codes 

The IMS-PIC team is working on a solution that would allow HA clients to reflect the family unification codes on line 2n of the form 50058 for issuance of voucher (action code 10). 

In the interim, HAs are asked to leave field 2n blank when submitting an issuance of voucher action for families participating in HUD's family unification program, but the code should be included with the new admission, annual reexam or other change of unit action subsequently submitted. 

Monthly Summarization Complete - June 9, 2011

May Summarization Completed Success

Part two of our monthly 50058 summarization process for the month ending May 31st, 2011 was rerun successfully last night. The delinquency (Voucher Funded Assistance and MTW) and SEMAP Indicators reports have been properly generated.

We appreciate your understanding as we work to provide you with the most accurate data possible.

Summarization Failed - June 5, 2011

Monthly Summarization: Re-run Monday

The monthly summarization batch job for the period ending 5/31 failed yesterday. The first part was successful but the second part failed. As a result, the delinquency (Voucher Funded Assistance and MTW) and SEMAP Indicators reports did not get generated.

We will take a look at the issue Monday and see if we can re-run the summarization Monday night.

User Recertification Coming Soon - June 5, 2011

User Recertification June 16 to July 15

IMS-PIC is implementing a new security capability called User Re-certification in Production. All HA and HUD users must be re-certified during the re-certification period or their accounts will be made inactive.

The re-certification period will run from June 16, 2011 to July 15, 2011. On July 16, user accounts that have not been re-certified will become inactive automatically. Accounts can be re-activated by an IMS-PIC HA or HUD Security Administrator at any time. Re-certification involves placing a check-mark by one or more names and saving the work.

No HA or HUD User of any type can re-certify themselves. We have posted a User Re-certification Manual at Download User Re-certification Manual . The manual explains how the process works. The system will send email alerts three times during the process to all designated IMS-PIC Security Administrators:

  • The first email is sent fifteen days before the re-certification period begins.
  • The second email is sent one day before the re-certification period begins.
  • The third email is sent fifteen days before the re-certification period ends

Remember: On July 16, user accounts that have not been re-certified will become inactive automatically.

If you have questions, please call your IMS-PIC Coach or call REAC TAC at 888-245-4860 and don't wait till the last minute.

SEMAP Being Re-opened for 3/31/2011 - June 1, 2011

 SEMAP Extended due to Monday Holiday

At the direction of the Voucher Operations Division, the deadline for 3/31 PHAs to submit their SEMAP Certifications has been extended to 11:59 PM EDT on Thursday, June 2, 2011.

This means that 3/31 FYE PHAs can still submit their SEMAP Certifications until Thursday evening.

Vendor List Update - April 19, 2011

Software providers invited to submit contact emails.

The PIC team is in the process of updating our master vendors list of housing authority software providers. If you are a provider of software and would like periodic updates on PIC releases and invitations to pre-release conference calls, please send an email to PIH Information System.

Email addresses will not be provided to external housing agency clients - HUD does not endorse any third party software. All vendors are expected to do their due diligence in ensuring compliance with the system technical reference guides.

System Maintenance - February 17, 2011

IMS-PIC unavailable this weekend

IMS-PIC and all other REAC applications will be down between 9pm EST Friday 18th February 2011 and 7am EST Tuesday 22 February 2011 for system maintenance.

We apologize for any inconvenience.