MTW Module

The HUD-50058 MTW data for the Moving to Work (MTW) initial 39 MTW PHAs that were designated as MTW agencies prior to 2015 is collected and stored in the MTW module.

The Moving To Work (MTW) Program allows participating public housing agencies to design and test more effective strategies and models for managing housing assistance and achieving self-sufficiency among assisted families.

The HUD-50058 MTW is an abbreviated version of the full HUD-50058 offered for use by Moving To Work agencies. It is designed to collect demographic, family profile, income and housing data about tenant families who participate in any component of the MTW Program. As the MTW program gives each PHA the flexibility to design its own programs, the HUD-50058 MTW requires less information than the regular Form HUD 50058; In particular, it omits rent calculation and simply receives a rent value from the MTW PHA.

Information about the HUD-50058 MTW can be found on the HUD-50058 Forms, Guidebooks, and Tools page.


Last updated November 9, 2023