General Walkthrough - HA Profiles


HA Profiles is a module of the IMS/PIC System that is accessible to the general public. It is intended to provide users the ability to access general information about public housing agencies.

Getting information about a public housing agency (HA) is a three-step process from the first screen.

  1. Select your state or HUD office
  2. Select your housing agency
  3. Select the information type

This page is designed to help walk you through that process to better aid access to HA profile information.

Step One: Select State or HUD Office

On the 'HA Profile Listing' page (see figure 1 below), select the state (or territory) of the HA you wish to find from the 'State:' filter drop down box.

Figure 1: Picture of Main Screen

Once you've selected the state you wish to view, the page should refresh to display all of the HAs within that state.

If you selected Office instead of State in the View By pull-down, the State filter drop down box becomes the Office filter drop down box. Select the office for the HA you wish to find.

Step Two: Select Housing Agency

Look through the list of displayed HAs and decide which HA it is that you want further information on. If you want to further refine your search to a specific program type, activity status (active/inactive), or low rent size, use the HA Profiles Search Filters and then click Retrieve. To pull up the details for the desired HA, you must click on the 'HA Code' link, which is the left-most column in the displayed list (see Figure 1 above).

Once you've clicked on the desired HA's 'HA Code', your browser should refresh with the 'HA Profile Details' page for the selected HA. This page will display a quick overview of the HA.

Step Three: Select Desired HA Information

On the 'HA Profile Details' page (see figure 2 below), the page should display a quick overview of information on your desired HA. To navigate to other information on the HA, you must click on one of the four purple 'sub-tab' boxes towards the top of the screen : List, Details (which is the current page), Address, or Contact.

Figure 2 Screen Shot

By clicking on any of these four 'sub-tab's, the page should refresh to the selected information. In the Address subtab, you select which type of address to view: Physical or Mailing address.

When You Are Finished

You may navigate to the IMS/PIC Home Page by clicking the PIC Home link on the upper left side.

Note: The Download tab is not currently operational.