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Individuals can obtain contact information from IMS/PIC for each PHA on the PHA Contact Information page. This information was previously known as HA Profiles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Find answers to some of the questions most commonly asked about how to update PHA contact information, including "Who is responsible for submitting and maintaining the HA information?", "How often is information updated?", and "Who has access to HA Profiles?"

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Changing a PHA’s Name

PHAs may have two names:

  • Legal name (Formal Name in IMS/PIC)
  • Optional “doing business as” (DBA) name (Common Name in IMS/PIC)

To change either name in HUD’s systems, the PHA’s executive director or board-approved designee must submit a signed letter on official letterhead to the PHA’s local field office with the following information:

  • Current and proposed legal name
  • If present: Current and proposed DBA name
  • Documentation from the state and/or locality demonstrating that the PHA changed its name using the state and/or local processes as required by law
  • If changing legal name: Documentation from the PHA’s board approving the name change
  • If changed: The letter from the U.S. Internal Revenue Service with the PHA’s new Taxpayer Identification Number

Once the PHA submits a request with proper documentation, the field office will reply in writing within 30 calendar days to confirm updates to HUD systems. Please submit any questions to the local field office.

A PHA should provide the same information to the field office to correct its name in HUD’s systems, even if it is not changing its name.

Transferring or Consolidating PHAs

For instructions to transfer or consolidate programs, see Notice PIH 2018-12 for housing choice vouchers and Notice PIH 2014-24 for public housing.

Changing a PHA’s Fiscal Year End

For instructions to change a PHA’s fiscal year end, see Notice PIH 2011-57. For more information, see Fiscal Year End/Consolidation Changes.


Last updated April 23, 2024

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