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What is the purpose of the TAC?

The Technical Assistance Center (TAC) is organized to gather, analyze and track problems reported by any PIH system users. A part of the TAC staff specializes in the details of the IMS/PIC system.

What does “TAC” stand for?

Technical Assistance Center.

What are the TAC’s hours of operation?

The TAC is staffed from 7:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Eastern time (4:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Pacific).

Why can’t the TAC answer my question right away?

The TAC has two levels of responders: Level 1 - basic coverage and Level 2 - more advanced coverage. Initial contacts are with Level 1 responders. Level 1 responders have access to the IMS/PIC knowledgebase but are not qualified or experienced enough to handle the more complex questions, which they must refer to Level 2 responders. Level 2 responders research the problem and respond to the person at a later time. Level 2 responders may further refer the problem to IMS/PIC Management or the IMS/PIC maintenance contractor for resolution.

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Why do I have to wait on hold so long to talk to the TAC?

The TAC answers each call strictly in the order received. During certain times of the day or week, call volumes increase significantly and the TAC staff is especially busy. During these times, wait times increase. These times generally include the beginning and end of each business day, Friday afternoons and the last few business days of any calendar quarter. It is usually a more efficient use of your time and the TAC's time to send the information in an email with "urgent" priority to REAC_TAC@hud.gov.

What is the easiest way to contact the TAC?

If you don't like to wait on "hold" or if you have documentary evidence or data to deliver to the TAC, send an email to REAC_TAC@hud.gov.

What happens if my trouble ticket gets closed with the problem not solved?

Advise the REAC TAC staff to re-open the ticket. Tell them why you want it re-opened.

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What information is needed by the TAC staff to solve a problem?

There are several items that will help the TAC staff and HUD contractors identify and replicate your problem. Providing them when you contact the TAC may speed up the resolution of your problem. These pieces of information include:

a. Your name

b. Your contact information (phone/email)

c. Your agency (HA Code preferred because of name similarities)

d. Module/sub-module where problem occurred

e. Date and time it occurred (to check system logs)

f. User ID of the person who experienced the problem

g. What were you trying to do?

h. What happened that was wrong?

i. What was the correct thing before the problem?

j. Send a screen print with your email if you can

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How will the TAC respond to my request?

Depending on the type and severity of the problem, the TAC may respond directly when you call or may need additional time to research the problem. The TAC will respond by phone or email, whichever is most feasible.

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