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How can I find a head of household?

There is an HA Query Report in the Adhoc module that will search all 50058 and MTW heads of household for a match and will display the HA Code, Action Type, and Effective Date for the HOH.

How can I find a member of a household?

There is no way to search directly for a household member. If a member of one of your households is also in the system somewhere else, the Possible Dup Tenant Report in Tenant ID Management will display both instances of the individual. Alternatively, you can request help from the REAC_TAC to find the individual.

How can I find someone at another PHA?

If the individual is a Head of Household (HOH), you can use the HA Query Report sub-module that will search all 50058 and MTW heads of household for a match and will display the HA Code, Action Type and Effective Date for the HOH.

How can I show all of my MTW Forms for a time period?

You must use the MTW Adhoc Report sub-module in the Adhoc module. There is not currently a Transaction Report for MTW agencies.

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What is an online EOP?

"EOP" refers to End of Participation, when a tenant moves out. Normally, an EOP is created in the agency software and uploaded to IMS/PIC. If this was not or cannot be done for some reason, IMS/PIC offers an option in the Viewer search results to authorized users to generate an MTW EOP from within IMS/PIC.

Can I do an online EOP in MTW Viewer?

Yes. If you have the proper access, when searching in the Viewer sub-module of the MTW module, the Search Results screen will display a column on the right for all active tenants called "Online EOP." Click the link there and a window will pop open displaying the tenant and the last action and effective date for the tenant. This window will permit you to change the effective date to the online EOP date. Click "Save" to implement the EOP or click "Close" to back out without taking action.

Can I view a complete form in MTW Viewer?

Not at this time. You can view each section of the form separately in the MTW Viewer and print it if needed.

Where is the MTW Transaction Report?

At this time, there is no MTW Transaction Report. The next nearest thing would be the MTW Adhoc Report in the Adhoc module.

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Where is the MTW HA Query Report?

The MTW HA Query is built into the new combined HA Query Report located in the Adhoc module. It searches all Head of Household current tenant data for both Form 50058 and MTW at the same time.

Where do I find the list of household members?

It is found in the Viewer sub-module in the MTW module. If you search in Viewer and find the household, click the HOH SSN and then click the Members tab. It will list all of the household members.

Where do I find the unit address?

In Public Housing, the unit physical address comes from the Development sub-module. In Vouchers, the unit physical address is in field 5a of the Form 50058 MTW. In either case, the address is displayed in MTW Viewer in the Unit to be Occupied sub-tab under the Household tab.

Where do I find the incomes?

In the MTW Viewer, once your Search has found the tenant name, click on the SSN. There are multiple views of the same household's data. Click the Members tab and the Income sub-tab to display the income for each household member.

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Where do I find the TTP?

There is no TTP in the MTW data.

What are "Overlapping Dates"?

Overlapping dates are situations where a tenant at HA No. 1 is admitted or ported in at HA No. 2. Overlapping dates, which operate in Form 50058, do not current apply to MTW.

How do overlapping dates work in MTW?

They do not apply in MTW at this time.

Where is the MTW Overlapping Dates Report?

There is no Overlapping Date Report in MTW at this time.

Where is the MTW Portability Billing Report?

There is no Portability Billing Report in MTW at this time.

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Why can't I see the whole SSN and name?

Most users will only see the First Initial, Last Name, month and year of birth, and last four digits of the Social Security Number (SSN.) This is a Privacy Act protection. Certain users at each agency, who have a valid business need to see the full SSNs and names, may be assigned "Special System Privileges" in Security Administration. This removes all data blocking of names, birth dates, and SSNs in all screens for these individual users. The default value is No Special System Privileges for all users.

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