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How up-to-date is the data in adhoc reports?

The data in adhoc reports comes live from the database so it is always up to date.

What choices do I have in adhoc reports?

You have a choice of program type (field 1b) to include in the report, type of action (field 2a), and date range (effective date or update date). You also select which fields to include (options include PHA use fields (2q-2u)). You then generate the report. The report can be downloaded to a spreadsheet for further analysis or editing.

Can I include PHA-use fields in the data request?

Yes, fields 2q through 2u are available for selection.

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Is there any data I can't get in an adhoc report?

There are two things you cannot get in the adhoc reports:

  1. You cannot list the family members.
  2. You cannot include any but current records, regardless of their dates.

Can I save my adhoc report template?

Unfortunately, not at this time. PIH is considering whether to add that feature versus other high priority items.

How can I correct data in an adhoc report?

You can only correct data in an adhoc report by submitting the correct data in Form 50058.

Can I download the report?

Yes, you can download it to a spreadsheet unless your download capability is restricted.

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Why can't I see the full SSNs in the data?

The combination of Social Security Number (SSN,) birthdate and full name is protected by the Privacy Act of 1974. Unauthorized disclosure of privacy data is subject to a federal civil penalty of $5,000 per disclosure. A limited number of users with specific need to see the privacy data can be given "Special System Privileges" by the agency security coordinator.

How can I get FSS data in an adhoc report?

You select the FSS fields that you want to include and then generate the report and download it to a spreadsheet. You will get the same data fields for all individuals, whether or not they are FSS participants. You can use the "Sort" feature in Excel on one of the FSS fields with data in it and then delete all of the lines where the FSS data is blank. Alternatively, you can use the "Filter" option in Excel to hide all of the FSS-blank rows.

Can I specify which program to pull data for?

Yes, your first choice is which program type(s) to include.

Can I get historical data in an adhoc report?

No, there is no adhoc access to historical tables.

Is special handling required for this data?

Data containing privacy information (information protected by the Privacy Act of 1974) must be safeguarded from unauthorized disclosure. Unauthorized disclosure of privacy data is subject to a federal civil penalty of $5,000 per disclosure.

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Form 50058 Adhoc Report

How often are Adhoc tables updated?

The Form 50058 Adhoc Report sub-module pulls live data from the tables each time a report is run. A user can select which fields to be included in the report and then download the data to a spreadsheet.

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