IMS/PIC Coach Roles

What is a Coach?

Messenger (Motivate/Communicate)

  • Champions IMS-PIC at all levels of field office staff.
  • Encourages communication between staff so that everyone is aware of how the system operates and of situations that exist.
  • Coordinates and participates in discussions (e.g. meetings with PHA staff, internal PIC coach conference calls, etc.).
  • Informing field office and PHA staff of noteworthy items relating to IMS-PIC.
  • Responds to inquiries from PHA and HUD staff in a timely manner.

Cultivator (Identify/Create)

  • Researches and analyzes issues brought forth for further clarification.
  • Provides guidance and technical assistance to PHA and HUD staff for IMS-PIC tasks.
  • Networks with the other IMS-PIC Coaches to gain further knowledge in order to continue to assistance PHA and HUD staff.

Monitor (Review/Report)

  • Provide information regarding possible system-wide issues.
  • Provides feedback to IMS-PIC headquarters staff regarding functionality of the system.
  • Monitors IMS-PIC to ensure deadlines are being met and that information is entered in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Develops an IMS-PIC training plan for the specific local HUD field office including the PHAs serviced by that office.
  • Assesses the success of the PIC training efforts and identifying training needs.

The most effective IMS-PIC Coaches:

  • Have a willingness to perform the above tasks.
  • Have functional and programmatic competency.
  • Have the time and resources to perform the tasks.
  • Are likely and willing to remain as an IMS-PIC coach for at least one year.
  • Are seen as leaders and persons who exert a positive influence.
  • Are enthusiastic.
  • Are communicators.
  • Are organized.
  • Are team players.
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