Erroneous or Modified Unit Tenant Status

Per Notice 2011-7, HA users enter Unit Tenant Status requests, provide supporting documentation to their local field office, and the field office reviews that request.  The HUD user will then either approve or reject a request based upon that review.  It is the responsibility of the PHA to maintain their data and therefore HUD staff should not be making Unit Tenant Status changes.

Current Unit Tenant Status reasons per PIH Notice 2011-7.  Please reference the notice for details about each status.

  • Vacant
  • Occupied – Assisted Tenant (automatic when a 50058 is submitted)
  • Occupied – Employee
  • Occupied – Non-Assisted Tenant Over-Income
  • Occupied – Police Officer
  • Occupied – Unauthorized (see Notice 2011-7 for details)
  • Vacant – Undergoing Modernization
  • Vacant – Court Litigation
  • Vacant – Natural Disaster
  • Vacant – Casualty Loss
  • Vacant – Market Conditions
  • Vacant – Demo Dispo Approved (automatic upon approval of an inventory removals application by the SAC)
  • Non-dwelling – Special Use: Anti-drug/Crime
  • Non-dwelling – Special Use: Self Sufficiency Activities
  • Non-dwelling – Special Use: Other Resident Activities
  • Non-dwelling – MTW Neighborhood Services
  • Non-dwelling – Administrative Uses
  • Non-dwelling – Resident Amenities
  • Non-dwelling – Unauthorized (see Notice 2011-7 for details)

After the proposal is created by the PHA, the PHA must submit it by going to the Submission tab and click on Submit Unit Status Changes. Detailed instructions can be found on the IMS/PIC Job Aids pageSubmitting the entire set of building and unit data under the Submit Unit Information link will not submit the Unit Tenant Status changes for approval. You will be notified by the field office once they have finished their review.


  • If a PHA has a unit in IMS/PIC that no longer needs to be in an approved status they will need to modify the Unit Tenant Status to the new status with a new effective date. The steps for making this update are the same as making the initial request, except that the Unit Tenant Status that is chosen and the effective date will be different.
  • If you need to update the Unit Tenant Status for a unit in an inventory removals application, please reference the information below.

If a unit (or units) is included in an inventory removals application and currently is showing in one of the “Demo Dispo” statuses, the PHA user will need to contact and CC their local PIC coach and provide the following (at a minimum):

  • Reason for the request (e.g. needing to update the Unit Tenant Status) and any other details helpful to understanding the situation
  • The development number, building number, building entrance number, and unit number for each unit that needs to be updated
  • Inventory Removals application number (typically starts with DDA but older ones start with IBS), if known

The SAC will return the unit(s) to inventory and will notify the PHA.  The PHA will then do the following:

  1. Update the Unit Tenant Status according to the usual procedures - reference the job aid on the IMS/PIC Job Aids page if detailed instructions are needed.
  2. Once the field office has approved the updated Unit Tenant Status, if needed, the PHA will notify the SAC that the update has been completed so that the SAC can return the unit(s) to the application.

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