Erroneous or Modified Unit Assignment (to a wrong building and entrance)

This refers to when a unit should be assigned to building 1, entrance 2, but in reality it should be assigned to some other building and entrance in the same development. This change is not related to erroneously configured rowhouse or semi-detached structures, which is covered here.

To resolve this issue:

  1. The PHA completes the Reassign Unit spreadsheet template to indicate the building and building entrance number combination the unit number should be assigned to. Only include units that need to be reassigned. Do not change the formatting of the templateand ensure that fields with numeric values do not contain spaces.
  2. The user will submit the following to the local field office PIC Coach by email.
    • A statement describing why the changes are needed and any additional information that will help clarify any unique situations
    • The Reassign Unit spreadsheet template
  3. The local field office reviews the template and concurs with the changes. They will forward the request to a system super user.  If there are questions, the field office will ask the PHA for clarification.
  4. The system super user will reassign the units to the entrances as stated in the Reassign Unit spreadsheet template.
  5. The PHA will be notified by their local field office PIC Coach when this has been completed.

[Image; screenshot of Erroneous or Modified Unit Assignment (to a wrong building and entrance)]

Example Reassign Unit template. All columns except comments must be filled in, one unit per row. Only include units that need to be reassigned.

HA Code Development Number Current Building Number Current Building Entrance Number Current Unit Number New Building Number New Building Entrance Number Comments
DC789 DC789000001 1 1 2 1 2  
DC789 DC789000001 1 1 3 1 3