Erroneous or Modified Building or Entrance Number

You may have received some system modified duplicate building numbers such as shown below. You may have other reasons for changing a building and/or entrance number (such as to get sequential numbers or because a new software vendor requires a different numbering system).

Fill in all parts of the Edit Building and Entrance Number spreadsheet template (one row per building and entrance number combination) and submit it along with a statement describing why the changes are needed to the local field office PIC Coach by email. The after the local field office reviews the template and concurs with the changes they will forward it to a system super user, who will process the changes. You will be notified by your local field office when this has been completed.

[Image; screenshot of Erroneous or Modified Building or Entrance Number]

Sample Edit Building and Entrance Number template All columns except comments must be filled in, one building-entrance number combination per row. Include only buildings/entrances whose numbers will be changed.

HA Code Development Number Old Building Number Old Building Entrance Number New Building Number New Building Entrance Number Comments