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Code of Federal Regulations Applicable to Programs Administered by PIH


HUD's section of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) is Title 24 and is often referenced as 24 CFR. Chapter IX of 24 CFR, entitled Office of Assistant Secretary for Public and Indian Housing, Department of Housing and Urban Development, applies to programs administered by the Office of Public and Indian Housing.

"Parts" of Chapter IX

The list below is an outline of the "Parts" of Chapter IX.

Public Housing Assessment System
Public Housing Agency Plans
Low rent housing homeownership opportunities
The Public Housing Capital Fund Program
Public housing homeownership programs
Electronic transmission of required family data for public housing, Indian housing, and the section 8 rental certificate, rental voucher, and moderate rehabilitation programs
Public housing agency consortia and joint ventures
Designated housing--public housing designated for occupancy by disabled, elderly, or disabled and elderly families
Admission to, and occupancy of, public housing
Public Housing--Contracting with resident-owned businesses
Tenant participation and tenant opportunities in public housing
PHA-owned or leased projects--general provisions
Lease and grievance procedures
Public housing program--demolition or disposition of public housing projects
Assessment of the reasonable revitalization potential of certain public housing required by law
Conversion of public housing to tenant-based assistance
Section 8 Tenant-Based Assistance: Housing Choice Voucher Program
Project-based Voucher (PBV) program
Section 8 and public housing family self-sufficiency program
Section 8 Management Assessment Program (SEMAP)
Annual contributions for operating subsidy
Native American Housing Activities
Community development block grants for Indian tribes and Alaska native villages
Loan guarantees for Indian housing
Native Hawaiian Housing Block Grant Program
Section 184A loan guarantees for Native Hawaiian housing

For nomenclature changes to Chapter IX, see 59 FR 14090, published March 25, 1994.