Attention all PIH-REAC Users of REAC Online Systems

PIH-REAC applications are only accessible using a browser supporting 128 Bit encryption and SSL3. To determine whether your current browser supports 128 bit encryption

*NOTICE: The Secure Systems security access software supports Internet Explorer 7.0 or above browser. Other browsers may not be complatible with this software.

Log onto Secure Systems

1. For Internet Explorer:

  • On the menu bar choose File / Properties.
  • The pop up window should read

"Connection: SSL 3.0, RC4 with 128 bit encryption (High); RSA with 1024 bit exchange"

2. For Safari:

  • All versions support 128 bit encryption and SSL

If your current browser does not support 128 bit encryption and SSL3, you can download a browser that supports this from the following sites:

Internet Explorer 7.0

Please contact the REAC Technical Assistance Center (1-888-245-4860) if you have any questions.