The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is committed to providing transparency around public housing agency (PHA) Executive Compensation compliance with the statutory cap on the use of certain Federal funds for salaries and bonuses.

The 2018 Appropriations Act for HUD prohibited the use of Section 8 tenant-based rental assistance and Section 9 public housing capital and operating funds appropriations to pay any public housing authority (PHA) salary greater than $164,200 per employee. Federal law stipulates that any amount of salary and bonus above $164,200 per employee must be paid for with other funds. 

HUD does not have the authority to establish salary caps beyond the Federal statutory limit for the use of Section 8 and Section 9 funds. PHAs receive Federal funding to administer Federal housing assistance programs, but they are state or locally run entities. This means that while Congress has capped the amount of Section 8 and Section 9 Federal dollars that may be used for executive salaries, PHAs are not prohibited from paying their executives above the statutory cap with funds from other sources. Some PHA executive personnel salaries are supplemented by state, local and other funding sources.

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