PHA Survey Process
PHA Surveys Scheduled

PIH-REAC has updated the business calendar with all FYE key dates and deadlines pertaining to PHAs. Please pay close attention to these key dates and deadlines and adhere to them in order to promote high response rates and obtain all applicable participation points. See Business Calendar

PIH-REAC now uses PHAs? approved unit addresses in the PIH Information Center (PIC) system.(See PIC link below.) PHAs are no longer required to maintain their unit addresses in RASS. With this FY02 change, PHAs have only one centralized place ? PIC ? to maintain their addresses. Please ensure that your addresses are up to date and approved by your Field Office.

Improved Survey Administration

The improved survey administration now includes development-level results to help PHA managers identify strong and weak quality areas, as demonstrated by resident survey questionnaire responses. PHAs will receive section and question-by-question scores for each development (provided the population and sample sizes are large enough) as well as at the PHA level. PHAs will still submit their Follow-up Plan certification at the PHA level, but are encouraged to look at the development-level results as they are preparing their plan.

PHA Survey Process

This is the process we are asking PHAs to follow:

1. Stay tuned to this REAC-RASS site for updates to the business calendar.
2. Maintain your unit addresses in PIC.
3. Work with your Field Office to get the addresses in PIC approved.
4. Market survey to encourage resident participation. Media Packet Guidelines , Download Poster/Fact Sheet, Survey Flyer (06/29/04) 5. Certify your Implementation Plan for marketing survey to residents.
6. Once survey results are available, review survey question results and certify your Follow-up Plan if required.