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Multifamily Customer Satisfaction Surveys

HUD launches a survey for FHA insured property occupants!

Pilot Test of Survey
In Spring 2001, HUD completed a survey of occupants living in FHA/Multifamily properties throughout the United States. Over 125,000 survey documents were mailed to approximately 3,400 assisted properties. The survey focused on "troubled" properties, or those with low scores in their most recent REAC Physical and/or Financial assessments. Pilot Survey Results

Nation-wide Survey
Owners and managing agents have received survey promotion guidance to communicate survey goals to housing occupants. The survey itself was mailed directly to occupants of housing units by an independent Survey Administrator contractor. It was a self-administered questionnaire, and took approximately 15 minutes to answer. A pre-addressed and postage-paid envelope was included for return mail upon completion of the survey. Market or Media Packet (09/28/04)

Survey Design
Each survey consists of 26 questions that ask respondents to rate their property condition and management in 5 different areas: maintenance and repair; communication; safety; services; and housing development appearance. Answers are separately weighted to produce an overall score as well as individual scores for each of the 5 areas with respect to occupant perceptions of quality. Property owners and management agents and internal HUD headquarters and field users with valid Secure Systems user IDs can view property-level results by section and question as well as response rate information. Methodology

HUD would like to provide properties with survey results to help both owners and management agents and HUD asset managers use the results as a management tool. The survey helps property managers and HUD incorporate feedback from their customers into their management decisions. HUD would also like to solicit feedback from property Owners/Agents and HUD staff on how to make the program more useful and how to deliver the results.

Results of the Spring 2001 survey were very positive. Approximately 47% of tenants responses, and 88% reported that they are satisfied overall with their housing development. More detailed results by property and portfolio-wide reporting capabilities are available on the RASS intranet site.