Public Housing Assessment System (PHAS)

HUD's Real Estate Assessment Center effectively and fairly measures the performance of a public housing agency (PHA) using the PHAS. As the centralized system of REAC, NASS electronically collects individual subsystem scores, produces a composite PHAS score and communicates the results that represent a PHA's management performance.

  • The Real Estate Assessment Center (REAC) intent to resume physical inspections tentatively October 5, 2020, with the required 14-day notification period uncertainly to begin, September 21, 2020. Details on REACā€™s plan to resume operations are provided in the memo and updated information regarding inspections will be posted on REAC's homepage.
  • PIH-2020-05 COVID 19 Notice - For a PHA that had a PHAS score pending as of the date of this notice, and for any PHA with a fiscal year ending on or before December 31, 2020, HUD will not issue a new PHAS score unless the PHA requests that a new PHAS score be issued. HUD will instead carry forward the most recent PHAS score on record. If you would like request to be scored, please submit your request to NASS at and copied your associated Field Office.
  • HUD PHA Occupancy Percentage Calculations: This chart summarizes the HUD PHA occupancy percentage calculations under the PHAS Interim Rule for the Management Operations Indicator and the Capital Fund Program Indicator.  In addition, the chart also provides the Public Housing occupancy percentage calculation under HUDā€™s Agency Priority Goal Reporting.
  • PHAS Submission Due Dates
  • This is to advise that the Public Housing Assessment System (PHAS) Interim Rule has been published February 23, 2011 and will be effective for PHAs with fiscal year ending March 31, 2011 and thereafter. Instructions of PHAS scoring for PHAs with fiscal year ending December 31, 2010 have been published in the PIH 2011-13 (HA) notice. notice. The management operations certification for December 31, 2010 PHAs are due by April 23, 2011. To review the Interim Rule and related information please check PHAS Interim Rule page.
  • PHAs with questions or concerns on any PHAS waivers should send emails to PHAs with immediate questions or concerns on MASS submission, please contact REAC TAC at 1(888) 245-4860 or send an email to
  • REAC PHAS Training
  • PHAS Appeals and Waivers Processes
  • Rejected Financial and Management Operations Submissions: How to avoid a Late Presumptive Failure (LPF) score of zero. More...
  • Reminder About Late Presumptive Failure (LPF): In accordance with the PHAS regulation, the PIH-REAC computer system generates a late presumptive failure and an indicator score of zero when a PHA does not submit the required financial information and/or management certifications by the established regulatory submission deadlines. More...
  • Further Guidance if Your Public Housing Agency (PHA) is part of a Consortium
  • Attention Small Public Housing Agencies: Based on the Deregulation for Small Public Housing Agencies, Executive Directors may request a PHAS assessment in an exempt year for their PHAs. More...
  • Frequently Asked Questions and answers relating to the Deregulation for Small PHAs.

To update information in PIC, contact your PIC coach or visit the following websites for useful reference materials:

  • PIC User Manuals and Guides
  • PIC Essentials for PHA Employees Your Fundamental Responsibilities in the Public and Indian Housing Information Center (PIC) October 2003.