Inspector Assessment Form Information

Inspector Qualifications

Please complete the Inspector Candidate Assessment Questionnaire if you are interested in conducting Uniform Physical Condition Standards (UPCS) inspections on behalf of the Office of Public and Indian Housing - Real Estate Assessment Center (PIH-REAC).

The form is a questionnaire, which provides PIH-REAC with basic background information about your skills and abilities. Please answer truthfully to the best of your ability. You will be required to provide verifiable documentation of your answers upon request. PIH-REAC utilizes your email address for correspondence; make sure you provide your current email address and continue to do so as an active inspector.

When completing the form, ensure you enter only one response per question, except as directed. Please use your two-letter state code (not state name), and include your current contact information.

Procedures to submit completed form to PIH-REAC:
  1. Click on the hyperlink to Inspector Candidate Assessment Questionnaire in the first sentence above!
    Go to the requested page.
  2. Once all of the appropriate "gray boxes" are filled in and the form is complete, go to File.
  3. Save As: (save in your Desktop)
  4. Change File Name to your last name_first name (see example below)
  5. Go back to File, then Close.
  6. Message says that this document has been modified. Do you want to save changes? Answer YES!
  7. Save In Desktop. File Name: last name_first name (see example below). Save as type: Word Document
  8. Save!
  9. Send as an email attachment to:
  10. In the "Subject" of your email, type in: last name, first name (same as file name!).

For example: your word document is named: Brown, Mary .doc and I would type in the subject line of the email: Brown, Mary and email to

Important notes and reminders:

  • Microsoft Word is required for submission
  • Your STATE CODE should only be 2 letters long
  • Enter one response per question, except as directed
  • On the last page (4 of 4), type your full name and date by using all numeric (11/20/2006) or full spelling of the month (September 20, 2006)
  • Your form will be returned if the above instructions are not followed
  • It is critical that you take time to read and follow the instructions above, for this also is part of our assessment! Good inspectors pay close attention to detail!