Submission Info-Recent Updates

FASS-PH Release and an updated system user guide implemented on 04/30/04. (09/17/04)

ATTENTION ALL PHAs!!! Effective Monday, March 15, 2004, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Office of Public and Indian Housing - Real Estate Assessment Center (PIH-REAC) will be using your e-mail address in the Public and Indian Housing Information Center (PIC) as the ONLY official source of this contact information. What does this mean to you and your Housing Authority? (09/17/04)

  • You must ensure that your information in PIC is current by March 14, 2004. This information must be kept current at all times.
  • PIH-REAC will not consider the failure to receive email communication from PIH REAC as a valid basis for a PHA's appeal or a waiver request if that PHA has not maintained correct contact information in PIC.
  • Maintenance of accurate data will help ensure timely communication to and from you and PIH-REAC.

For more detailed information on updating your information in PIC, contact your PIC coach or visit the following websites for useful reference materials: