• New! SEMAP Suspension (07/02/2020):    Suspension of Public Housing Assessment System and Section Eight Management Assessment Program, Revision 1
  • New! PIH Notice 2020-09 CARES Act Admin Fee (4/28/2020):   The CARES Act provides additional appropriations for housing assistance payments (HAP) and administrative fee funding to prevent, prepare for, and respond to coronavirus.
  • Accounting Brief 25  Financial Reporting for Mainstream Voucher Program (Sept 2019):    Provides FDS and VMS reporting guidance for all Mainstream vouchers regardless of when the Mainstream vouchers were awarded. This brief does not apply to NED or Mainstream 1-Year vouchers as these voucher types are reported as part of the HCV program for Financial Data Schedule reporting
  • Accounting Brief 23  Financial Reporting for the Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program (Feb 2018):   This brief provides information on the FDS line items and financial transactions involved in reporting the Self-Sufficiency Program. This brief supersedes information issued in Accounting Brief No. 20.
  • ā€‹Accounting Brief 18  Portability Transactions for the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program (July 2016):  revision of Oct 2012 issue. This brief provides information on the FDS line items and financial transactions involved in accounting for portability and fraud recovery related to port-in families by the Receiving and Initial PHA.
  • PIH Notice 2015-16  Reporting Requirements for the HCV Program (Oct 2015):  Reporting to Financial Assessment Subsystem for Public Housing and the Voucher Management System
  • ā€‹Accounting Brief 21  Reporting GASB) Statements Nos. 63 and 65 (Nov 2013):    This brief covers the implementation of GASB Statements No. 63 and 65 as those standards pertain to Public Housing Authorities.
  • Accounting Brief 19  Revenue Recognition for Housing Assistance Payments and Administrative Fees for the HCV Program (June 2013):     This brief provides information on the cash management requirements as provided in PIH Notice 2011-67 and the requirements effect on revenue recognition of HUD disbursed funds, equity balances (i.e., NRA) and other related items such as interest income on unspent HAP fund
  • GASB #54 Fund Balance Reporting Instructions (September 2011):   GASB #54 affects Section 8 Only agencies that report using modified accrual. As a result of current information technology constraints, the FDS is unable to accommodate the latest GASB #54 requirements. Until the FDS is updated to include the latest GASB #54 equity line items, PHAs that are submitting under the new GASB #54 requirements are required to submit the GASB #54 line item balances via an Excel spreadsheet