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REAC Products

REAC manages the Inventory Management System (IMS) / Public and Indian Housing Information Center (PIC). Select the link below for valuable information on this system.

  • PIC-NG Information (PIC-NG Info)
    PIC-NG is being designed to reduce administrative burden on housing authorities in the collection of HUD form 50058 tenant data, Public Housing building and unit inventory data, and Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) information.
  • PIC-NG Developer Information (PIC-NG Dev Info)
    PIC-NG Developer Information is being developed by a team of in-house REAC developers according to an agile scrum methodology. REAC will use this site to provide technical updates for PHA pesonnel and vendors responsible for interfacing with the future PIC-NG system. Until PIC-NG is implemented nationwide, REAC is unable to provide technical support for the development of vendor software, which interfaces with PIC-NG.

As part of its commitment to management reform, HUD has improved its oversight of important housing programs by consolidating many assessment functions within REAC. Listed below are descriptions of all the assessment products that REAC produces for HUD and our industry partners. Click on any link to reach a product page containing detailed product information, news, guidance, and valuable links to other sites.

  • Physical Inspection (PASS)
    REAC conducts a program of annual physical inspections of public and assisted multifamily housing.
  • Financial Assessment - FHA Housing (FASS-FHA)  
    Annually, REAC receives and analyzes financial statements for over 20,000 HUD insured or assisted multifamily properties.
  • Financial Assessment - Public Housing Agencies (FASS-PHA
    REAC receives and analyzes the annual financial statements of the nation's 3,300 public housing agencies.
  • Financial Assessment - Quality Assurance Operations (QASS
    The REAC Quality Assessment Subsystem staff performs quality assurance reviews of Independent Public Accountants (IPAs) who perform audits and attestations of HUD-assisted multifamily projects, public housing agencies (PHAs), and single family lenders.
  • Management Operations Certification (MASS
    The management capability of a PHA is assessed annually based on detailed information submitted electronically to REAC.
  • PHAS Interim - Public Housing Assessment System Interim
    Annually, REAC determines the overall performance of the nation's 3,300 PHAs by combining physical, financial, management, and Capitol Funding assessment results.
  • Oversight and Evaluation Division (OED)
    Collecting and analyzing inspection data and conducting quality control reviews on federally-assisted Housing programs.
  • Research and Development (R&D)
    R&D produces Data Analysis and Statistical Reports, both regularly as book of business and on an ad-hoc basis, that provide valuable information such as the state of the National public and assisted housing portfolio.
  • Information Technology Department (IT)
    The Information Technology Department’s mission is to provide the highest quality technology-based services to facilitate the mission of the Real Estate Assessment Center (REAC).
  • Technical Assistance Center (TAC)
    The TAC serves as the primary point of contact for PIH program and business area inquiries.