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NSPIRE places greater emphasis on where residents live and makes sure serious issues are identified. Get the latest NSPIRE stories here.

David Vargas, Chairman of the Pasco County Board of Commissioners David Lambert, and two REAC inspectors at Hudson Hills Manor development.
DAS Vargas Leads REAC Visit to Hudson Hills Manor [8.21.20]
Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak earlier this year, REAC Deputy Assistant Secretary David Vargas traveled with several colleagues to oversee an inspection of the Hudson Hills Manor development in Pasco County, Florida.
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Resident with HUD Secretary
Sign Up for NSPIRE Demonstration! [02.16.20]
NSPIRE seeks to maintain a resident-focused approach that prioritizes resident health and safety. Throughout the development of NSPIRE, HUD has met with key resident stakeholders to discuss ways in which the department can improve collaboration and resident engagement in the inspection process. Read more »
Ray and Rene Raysor
Ray and Rene Raysor [01.31.20]
Senior couple Ray and Rene Raysor share the story of their unexpected path to homelessness and how HUD was able to provide them not only with affordable housing, but also peace of mind. Read more »
Cedric Lucas
Cedric Lucas [11.26.19]
Cedric Lucas—military veteran, former police officer, and cancer survivor—shares his story of how HUD was able to provide him with affordable housing. Read more »