Do you know how to provide feedback on NSPIRE Standards?

As part the of the NSPIRE standards development process, HUD welcomes input from property owners and agents, public housing agencies, residents, technical experts, and other members of the public. Your feedback is critical to the success of NSPIRE and the well-being of the residents HUD serves.

How to Access the Standards

Screen capture of the NSPIRE Standards web page; link to this web page below.

  1. Go to the NSPIRE standards webpage. The NSPIRE standards are listed in the table on the page.
  2. Click on the title of the standard you wish to view to open it in a PDF document.

How to Understand the Standards

Screen capture of the NSPIRE Standards template guide PDF; link to this PDF below.

Each NSPIRE standard is Critical to Quality, which means it is most important to the health and safety of residents and the livability of their homes. We need your help to ensure the standards are as clear, accurate, and reasonable as possible. Use the standards template guide to understand how to read the standards documents, what terms mean, and how the information is organized.

How to Provide Your Feedback

Screen capture of a link in an NSPIRE Standards document opening a pre-addressed email. Access any NSPIRE Standard to find and use this kind of link.

  1. Open the PDF for the standard you wish to view.
  2. Click the hyperlinked blue text at the top of the page in the PDF to open a pre-addressed email. Hyperlinks are located at the beginning of the document (to provide general feedback on the standard) and for each deficiency (to provide feedback on that deficiency).
  3. Type your comments into the email and click Send.

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