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NSPIRE Demonstration

HUD is seeking participation from 4,500 properties and will select from a nationwide pool of Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) and Property Owners and Agents (POAs).

PHAs and POAs are encouraged to register one or multiple properties for acceptance into the demonstration, but there is no requirement to submit all properties within a portfolio. Submission of an application does not constitute acceptance into the program nor does it obligate the PHA or POA in any way. Once accepted into the demonstration, participants may voluntarily withdraw any or all properties at any time.

Why Register?

HUD seeks a diverse, representative group of stakeholders from across the nation. HUD encourages early registration so that the department can make selections as quickly as possible.

The Benefits of Volunteering

  • Only one inspection! Scores are advisory.
  • Participate in focus groups, listening sessions, conference calls, and training sessions on policies and procedures.
  • You will have a direct line to HUD! Your feedback will help HUD shape the new inspection model.
  • Take advantage of training opportunities, including how to use the inspection software.
  • See all benefits for volunteer properties participating in the NSPIRE Demonstration.

Your Participation

  • Annually inspect 100 percent of your units.
  • Self-inspections are to be submitted electronically for evaluation but will NOT be scored.
  • Schedule a mutually agreed inspection date with a HUD inspector so that demonstration data can be collected.
  • If your property is subject to an existing HUD Compliance, Disposition, and Enforcement or Corrective Action Plan, you cannot participate in the Demonstration.
  • If your most recent REAC score was 70 or less, and you are not currently subject to corrective action, your property may be considered for inclusion in the demonstration on a case-by-case basis.
  • Agree to participate in focus groups, listening sessions, conference calls, and training sessions.


If interested in participating in the demonstration, please click the below button below and complete the required property information request.  

Click to download the property information request form for participation in the NSPIRE Demonstration.