NSPIRE News: December 15, 2020
NSPIRE 2020: The Year in Review

NSPIRE 2020: The Year in Review

HUD is grateful for the residents, resident groups, PHAs, property owners/managers, industry partners, and employees who have helped make 2020 successful despite the challenges we have all faced in this extraordinary year. Working together, we were able to make significant progress in the development of NSPIRE and keep the program moving forward.

With your help, HUD was able to:

  • Approve over 4,200 volunteer properties for participation in the NSPIRE Demonstration, reaching 93% of the goal of 4,500 properties and ensuring HUD will have adequate participation to test and refine the NSPIRE model; registration is still open and HUD continues to approve properties for the demonstration.
  • Post two versions (Versions 1 and 1.3) of the NSPIRE Standards on HUD’s NSPIRE website, resulting in over 250 informal public comments on the standards; public input has been invaluable in the continued development of the NSPIRE standards.
  • Conduct outreach through the use of virtual and digital technology in place of “in-person” events.
    • Engage over 700 stakeholders through virtual workshops; over 1,000 comments on the NSPIRE standards were collected.
    • Provide information and education on NSPIRE, the Demonstration, and the standards through three webcasts and two webinars.
  • Launch the Get NSPIREd monthly newsletter with readership growing to over 2,000 readers; it provides NSPIRE updates, news, and educational pieces monthly.
  • Meet and discuss NSPIRE with HUD’s industry partners in over 15 events.
  • Establish the NSPIRE Information Center, which has already fielded hundreds of phone calls and emails, answering vital questions about NSPIRE and the Demonstration.
  • Reach over 40,000 people through Twitter, delivering important news and updates on NSPIRE.
  • Provide NSPIRE information via the NSPIRE website on HUD.gov, which was accessed over 80,000 times.

HUD looks forward to continuing the NSPIRE mission in 2021 and has made many informational and interactive resources available on its NSPIRE HUD.gov website. Visit today to access webcasts and webinars, workshop materials, the NSPIRE standards, and other NSPIRE resources.

This story was originally published in the December issue of the Get NSPIREd newsletter.

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