NSPIRE News: July 30, 2020
NSPIRE Standards Version 1.3 Released

HUD is excited to present a fully updated set of NSPIRE Inspection Standards, version 1.3. One of NSPIRE’s core objectives is the alignment of standards across programs that provide the same expectation of housing quality for all residents.

NSPIRE Standards (1.3) greatly improves technical accuracy, relevance, clarity and better defines the applicability to HUD’s Housing Choice Voucher program.

The format for this finalized version has also been updated for ease of use. HUD is committed to clear, plain-language inspection standards that improve accuracy, objectivity, and consistent inspection results. NSPIRE’s approach to standards development follows a clearly defined core set of principles: people-centered design, a focus on efficiency, science-based rationales, continuous collaborative improvement, and streamlined operations.

NSPIRE standards are grounded in industry supported “rationales.” NSPIRE rationales are intended to be easy to understand, plainly written, risk-based assessments. A rationale describes the harm or result of a defect that has been identified as a health, safety, or major mechanical or habitability issue. It helps to illustrate HUD’s thought process on why an inspection issue is critical to quality and must be inspected, cited, and addressed for the safety and well-being of residents.

During the NSPIRE Demonstration, revisions to standards will be posted to the website to provided industry, stakeholders, and public the opportunity to examine the proposed changes, provide feedback, and suggest relevant industry best practices. This approach continues HUD’s ongoing commitment to be responsive to changing requirements, evolving needs of the field, and the residents we serve.

HUD welcomes public comments on all aspects of the standards. Feedback on the revised list of standards can be submitted by clicking on the following link: https://www.hud.gov/program_offices/public_indian_housing/reac/nspire/standards

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