Every deficiency cited in an NSPIRE inspection must have a clearly expressed and well-supported statement of why that deficiency is Critical to Quality, or CTQ. That is, there must be a clearly expressed and well-supported rationale that explains why that particular deficiency is being inspected. There are 14 different rationale codes, and at least one rationale is provided for each deficiency in an NSPIRE standard.

Rationales Are Fundamentals 

Under NSPIRE, inspections focus on the most important thing: resident health and safety. The rationale describes the potential impact of the deficiency on the health and safety of the resident. It is the “why” of the standard.   In the deficiency example given here, you can see how the rationales state why a missing smoke alarm is a citable deficiency.


More Information About Rationales and Standards

Screen capture of the NSPIRE Smoke Alarm Standard on deficiency 1 with the safety rationales highlighted.

Screen capture of the NSPIRE Standards template guide rationale codes and descriptions PDF.


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