Joining the NSPIRE Demonstration Is a S.M.A.R.T. Thing to Do!

SMART – S for Set the Standard; M for Maintain Your Current Score; A for Act Now to Get Ahead; R for Receive Advisory Scores; and T for Train for the Future.

Benefits for volunteer properties participating in the NSPIRE Demonstration

Set the Standard

  • Collaborate with HUD to shape the new inspection standards through feedback and direct access to HUD decision-makers.
  • Get involved in the modernized inspection protocol and set the condition for future success.

Maintain Your Current Score

  • No UPCS inspections during the Demonstration.
  • Your UPCS scores will be carried forward for the duration of the Demonstration.

Act Now to Get Ahead

  • Secure your spot today; only 4,500 properties will be selected to participate in the NSPIRE Demonstration.
  • Your participation in the Demonstration will keep you informed of the latest updates to the developing NSPIRE Model.

Receive Advisory Scores

  • Prepare for the NSPIRE final rule and implementation with a single inspection throughout the Demonstration.
  • Your advisory score will help you be better informed and prepared for when NSPIRE goes into effect.

Train for the Future

  • Get technical assistance on the new standards, scoring, and protocols to help your team refine their understanding of NSPIRE.
  • Participate in NSPIRE focus groups, workshops, and listening sessions to prepare your team with the skills they need.

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