About UPCS-V

About UPCS-V










The Uniform Physical Condition Standards for Vouchers (UPCS-V) is a Demonstration Program, implementing an improved inspection standard for HUD’s Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) units. UPCS-V aims to enhance the accuracy, consistency, and objectivity of the inspection process, and provide more information about the condition of individual housing units. Through this initiative, HUD aims to clarify and streamline inspection processes for PHAs and inspectors, while increasing owners and tenants access to detailed information about their homes.

UPCS-V is a Demonstration Program developed to align with the Uniform Physical Condition Standards (UPCS).

  • UPCS-V inspections are electronic and conducted using an app
  • UPCS-V Pass/fail outcomes are decided by a protocol, not an inspector’s judgement
  • UPCS-V requires inspectors to identify deficiencies based on a standardized set of decisions
  • The UPCS-V data-driven inspection protocol allows for more:

3 foundational pillar of UPCS-V


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