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Will there be training available on UPCS-V?

Yes, HUD will provide UPCS-V training for PHAs participating in the Demonstration. As resources allow, HUD anticipates holding periodic training sessions at different locations on the new standard. HUD is still developing a plan to train PHAs on a national scale before the implementation of the new standard. After full implementation, there will be certification training of inspectors in order to stay current on the standard, protocol, defect dictionary, and health and safety issues.

What is the current state of UPCS-V training?

ISDV provides live in-person and web-based UPCS-V training to PHAs that are participating in the Demonstration.

What will UPCS-V training look like post Demonstration?

ISDV is planning to develop a future state web-based training platform that will be available to PHA inspectors.

Is there HUD approved 3rd party training for UPCS-V?

Currently, there is no HUD approved 3rd party training for UPCS-V.