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Why should I participate in the Demonstration?

An incentive for PHAs who participate in the Demonstration is being able to get a head start on the UPCS-V transition and have direct input in finalizing the UPCS-V protocol.

How do I participate in the UPCS-V Demonstration?

The initial volunteer window has closed; however, HUD will continue to accept requests to be a part of the Demonstration. If your PHA is interested in joining the demonstration, please email us at Selecting volunteers is dependent upon staff and resource availability.

How long will the Demonstration last?

Sufficient data has to be gathered before UPCS-V can become fully implemented. ISDV is working to extend the Demonstration until sufficient data has been captured to implement a national program.

How do I submit my comments about the UPCS-V Demonstration Extension Notice?

The Official Public Comment period through the Federal Register ends on July 29th, 2019. Please refer to the Demonstration Extension Notice for instructions on submitting comments electronically or by mail.

Can my PHA participate if we don’t have devices?

PHAs do not need to have their own devices to participate in the UPCS-V Demonstration. HUD can provide a limited number of devices to Demonstration participants, if available. If your PHA would like to participate, please contact for more information.

Do PHAs have to dedicate all inspectors/housing portfolio towards using UPCS-V during the Demonstration?

No, PHAs have the flexibility to decide what portion of their housing portfolio and resources (inspectors) they want to commit to the program. HUD recommends that once the dedicated inspector has started performing UPCS-V inspections, they should not switch back-and-forth from UPCS-V to HQS.

Will the UPCS-V inspection conducted during the Demonstration take the place of our HQS inspection?

Yes. PHAs participating in the Demonstration are permitted to conduct a UCPS-V inspection to count as the inspection of record for units under the HCV program. Agencies/programs outside of the HCV program that use HQS do not have a waiver.

Is a PHA exempt from an OIG audit during the Demonstration?

No, you are not exempt from an OIG audit while you are participating in the UPCS-V Demonstration. If you have questions concerning auditing of your HCV inspections, please email for support.

I am a small Housing Authority - I want to participate in the UPCS-V Demonstration but I have to reschedule inspections within 15 days of a request. Could I still participate?

Yes, for the PHAs that have to schedule inspections within 15 days of a request, ISDV will work with PHAs to set up administrative procedures and processes to help minimize disruptions.

During the Demonstration, if there are issues with the HUD provided software, can the 52580 or 52580-A form be used to conduct and submit inspections?

Yes. Participating PHAs can still use HQS in the event a UPCS-V electronic inspection cannot be conducted, but only during the Demonstration.

During the Demonstration, do inspection types include new admissions, annual inspections, re-inspections, and transfer of unit inspections?

Yes. UPCS-V will cover all types of inspections now covered under HQS.

How does the transition from HQS to UPCS-V relate to HAP contracts, for agencies selected to participate in the Demonstration?

The HAP contracts should not change. UPCS-V has the same statutory standards.

If an assisted unit is on a biennial inspection schedule and it is selected for UPCS-V inspections, does the UPCS-V inspection count for the biennial schedule?