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Can PHAs access their data?

Currently, PHAs can access their inspection reports and ISDV plans to have additional inspection data readily accessible to PHAs in the future.

How will the data be used?

UPCS-V inspection data is used to help improve the UPCS-V protocol and software development during the Demonstration. In the future, UPCS-V inspection data will be used to help HUD assess the condition of Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) units.

Does the data transfer to current PHA software?

UPCS-V inspection data does not currently transfer to your PHA’s current inspection software. ISDV is developing a solution to allow your existing vendor to communicate with HUD systems.

Will my PHA be able to compare our data with other PHA’s?

Participating PHAs cannot currently compare their UPCS-V data with other participating PHAs. ISDV is developing a solution which will allow PHAs to compare their portfolio with their peers.