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Industry User Guides

This page will provide you with user reference guides on how to access, submit and retrieve data for each of the REAC subsystems. Additional handbooks and guidance, federal register notices, rules and regulations can be obtained in the "Library" link under the topics menu on the left.

Web Access Security SubSystem (WASS)

 -   Secure Connection and Secure Systems User's Manual

Customer Satisfaction Survey

 -   Resident Assessment Subsystem (RASS) User Manual

Physical Inspections

 -   Servicing Mortgagee Portfolio Tool and Inspection Scheduling Guides

Multifamily Financial Assessment System

 -   7.0 Industry User Guide for the Financial Assessment Subsystem - Multifamily Housing (FASSUB)

Financial Assessment of Nonsupervised Single Family Lenders

 -   User Manual for the Lender Assessment Subsystem (LASS)

Quality Assurance Operations

 -   Guide for obtaining a UII
 -   UII Registration Instructions - short version

Public Housing Assessment System

 -   Public Housing Agency and Auditor User Guide (11/12/03)
 -   Public Housing Agency and Auditor 6.0 User Guide

Management Operations Certification

 -   Instruction Guidebook for Completing Public Housing Assessment System Management Operations Certification with Form HUD-50072