Frequently Asked Questions Customer Satisfaction Survey


1. What is the Real Estate Assessment Center (REAC)?

The Real Estate Assessment Center (REAC) is an organization within HUD's Office of Public and Indian Housing. It has the responsibility to measure the annual performance of public housing agencies (PHA) based on four indicators: a physical inspection, a financial evaluation, a management evaluation, and a resident satisfaction survey.

2. What is the survey about?

The Resident Service and Satisfaction Survey is the component of the assessment system that measures residents' overall satisfaction with their living conditions. The survey measures satisfaction in five areas: maintenance and repair, communications, safety, services, and development appearance.

3. How was I selected for the survey?

Your unit was randomly selected by computer to participate in the survey based on the list of units in your PHA. You received a survey simply by chance.

4. Why wasn't I selected for the survey?

Units were randomly selected by a computer to participate in the survey. It is simply by chance that you did not receive a survey. You may receive a survey in a future year.

5. Will my survey answers be confidential and anonymous?

The answers you give will be confidential. Your PHA will not know who participates in the survey.