About REAC


Provide our customers with independent, actionable assessments that advance risk-informed decisions about the condition of the nation’s affordable housing portfolio.


To lead with innovative assessments that empower our customers to improve the nation’s affordable housing portfolio.

REAC's "product" is information; accurate, credible and reliable information assessing the condition of HUD's affordable housing portfolio. To deliver a quality product, REAC depends on the successful partnership of people and technology. Cutting edge technology has fundamentally transformed HUD's old way of doing business. First, by allowing faster and more accurate work by staff, and second by literally bursting open electronic avenues of communication with HUD's housing partners.

At the heart of this technology is an internet-worked data base of comprehensive and objective information drawn from existing government systems and from an on-going program of property inspections, analysis of financial and management reports, and resident surveys.

Sophisticated software designed by the REAC team, analyzes the data, develops objective performance scores and delivers assessment results to HUD program staff, and others charged with preserving America's housing stock.

Federal law and regulations require taxpayer-supported housing be ‘decent, safe and sanitary.’ But what happens when public or private housing fails to meet this standard? Read more.

REAC is improving the quality of HUD housing through:


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