HUD Form 50058 Listening Sessions – Spring 2018

The goal of these sessions is to help HUD better shape future IT solutions and business processes surrounding the Form 50058. Please note that the Listening Sessions do not constitute an agreement of an IT solution or change in business process but are instead designed to share information to help HUD shape future system builds. There is no intent or expectation to reach an agreement or consensus and all comments/concerns/alternative ideas are welcomed.

The Washington, DC materials are the from the final session. Please note that the materials for each session are somewhat different from each other and have been updated to reflect the feedback and input that the team received.

Form 50058 Listening Session – Philadelphia

Form 50058 Listening Sessions – Jacksonville and Kansas City

Form 50058 Listening Sessions – Denver and Portland

Form 50058 Listening Sessions – Washington, DC

HUD Voucher Demonstration Listening Session – Summer 2018


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