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Training and Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance and Outreach

REAC Enterprise Income Verification (EIV) staff will provide technical assistance and program support to PHAs and HUD Field Offices as needed regarding the website, the EIV Reports and in addressing issues related to identifying causes of income calculation errors and improper payments

REAC-EIV has implemented three initiatives that will:

  1. Provide PHAs with technical assistance to reduce improper payments through the use of HUD's Enterprise Income Verification (EIV) system;
  2. Improve the integrity of data collected and reported in the Public Housing Information Center (PIC) Reports;
  3. Reduce the occurrence of tenant under reporting or mis-reporting of income

Deceased Individuals Receiving Erroneous Subsidies

The purpose of this Report is to identify tenants that have passed where owners may have continued to receive improper HAP rent payments. s This report will help PHAs and HUD Field Offices to identify households with deceased tenants and follow-up with families to ensure correct household composition,  correct rental assistance determinations and that a corrected PHA 50058 submissions was received in PIC. PHAs will be required to submit specific documentation as requested by HUD including:

  1. Housing Choice Voucher program: Deceased single member households and households in which the Head of Household is deceased and the remaining household member(s), including live-in aides and/or family members the live-in aides, are eligible for continued housing assistance.
  2. Public Housing Program only: If applicable, PHAs will need to regain possession of the unit which may involve litigation.
  3. Public Housing Deceased Single Member Households with Unauthorized Occupants in Possession of the Public Housing Unit: In instances in which there are unauthorized occupants in a public housing unit following the death of the HOH, the PHA must initiate litigation to regain possession of the public housing unit. To remove the deceased HOH from the Deceased Tenants Report the PHA will be required to complete and successfully submit an updated form HUD-50058 to PIC as outlined in the authorized workaround and provide HUD with the requested documentation.

Identity Verification Report

The purpose of this Report is to reduce the number of overdue annual reexaminations and the number of identity failures resulting from incorrect tenant personal identifiers, including surname, date of birth and invalid social security numbers. This report will help PHAs and HUD Field Offices to identify households whose current annual re-exam is 14 months or older or that has not been submitted to PIC and household members whose identity cannot be verified by the Social Security Administration. Correct personal identifiers enable the PHA to obtain employment and income information about each family or individual from the EIV system.

Multiple Subsidy Report

The purpose of this Report is to reduce the number of individuals receiving duplicate rental housing assistance within HUD’s rental housing assistance programs.  This report will help PHAs and HUD Field Offices identify and follow-up with households and household members that may be receiving duplicate rental housing assistance as evidenced by the individual appearing on a current form HUD-50058 and/or HUD-50059 submitted to HUD systems by PHAs that administer PIH programs and owners and agents of Multifamily Housing programs. This Report will help to ensure that limited affordable housing and federal dollars serve as many eligible families as possible.

Income Discrepancy Report

The purpose of this Report is to reduce the occurrence of tenant under reporting or mis-reporting of income.  Tenants are required to fully disclose all sources of income. At the time of initial applicantion and at regular annual reexaminations. This report helps to alert PHAs of potential tenant under reporting or mis-reporting of income during the past 12 months of the last interim or annual reexamination of family income. Resolving income discrepancies during reexaminations will improve the integrity of tenant reported income and reduce the number of improper subsidy payments and and will ultimately increase the number of families that can participate in HUD’s rental assistance programs while ensuring that limited Federal dollars serve as many families as possible.

REAC-EIV is committed to providing PHAs and HUD Field Offices with beneficial, value-added information that will assist in the successful and effective day-to-day operations of PHAs.

Before PHAs and HUD staff can access or use the EIV system, they will be required to participate in HUD’s EIV training webcast. This is also a condition of continued EIV access. HUD provides comprehensive training via online webcasts. If you have any questions regarding EIV training, please contact the EIV Coordinator at your local HUD Field Office.

Training Webcasts

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*Note: EIV training via this site is not applicable to program administrators of Multifamily Housing (MFH) programs. Please visit MFH EIV training for more information on MFH EIV training.

Training Materials for Updated EIV System 9.2.1 Training is available as indicated.