RHIIP Stakeholders

Who Are Stakeholders in the RHIIP Effort?

 -   Tenants of HUD-assisted housing
 -   Potential tenants on housing waiting lists
 -   Program Administrator Intermediaries-
Public Housing Agencies, project owners, and management agents (POAs)
 -   HUD
 -   The Congress and OMB
 -   The American public and communities
 -   HUD's Office of Inspector General (IG) and the General Accounting Office (GAO)

HUD's Responsibilities

 -   To issue clear and concise occupancy rules and guidance that can be understood by tenants, PHAs, and HUD staff, with provision of training and technical assistance
 -   To assess compliance with occupancy and other program rules, and ensure the correction of compliance deficiencies

PHA's Responsibilities

 -   To admit only eligible participants in HUD's rental housing assistance programs
 -   To properly interview tenants and calculate rents and payments correctly, considering all income, exclusions, and deductions
 -   To only pay rent subsidies that are correctly calculated in accordance with HUD's rules
 -   To bill and collect all tenant payments due
 -   To take action, with due process, against those tenants who do not disclose income required for tenant payment calculation purposes, or who do not make required payments
 -   To provide decent safe and sanitary housing, and otherwise honor the conditions of lease agreements
 -   To accurately report HUD tenant characteristics for all assisted households in a timely manner
 -   To bill HUD only for subsidies based on correct rent calculations and HUD rules

Tenant's Responsibilities

 -   To declare all income for rent calculation purposes
 -   To provide requested supporting documentation for exclusions and deductions
 -   To make required rent payments in full and in a timely manner
 -   To honor other terms and conditions of their lease