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ECM: Domestic Water-Heating Systems

W2. Insulate Hot Water Tanks

DescriptionPhoto: Insulate hot water tanks to reduce heat loss.

Although most newer water heaters have adequate insulation built into the tank design, older water heaters lose a significant amount of heat through the tank walls. This heat loss can account for 25 percent of the yearly cost of heating domestic hot water. By insulating the tank with a tank insulation blanket, or tank wrap, these losses can be reduced substantially at low cost. Tank wraps come ready make in a variety of sizes for individual water heaters.


  • Single-family and multifamily buildings with older, uninsulated hot water heater tanks


  • Fiberglass
  • Flexible polyurethane foam


  • Consider installing an insulation blanket to achieve a rating of R-16. If the current water heater insulation is rated R-7, it will be necessary to add a blanket rated R-9 at minimum.
  • All seams should be taped along their entire length.
  • On gas water heaters, care should be taken to avoid blocking airflow to the burner and to keep insulation safely away from the flame.
  • Insulation should not be installed below the drain valve or near the top vent.
  • Insulation should not block access to the valves or thermostats.
  • On old electric water heaters, insulation should not cover the electric service connection box.
  • If the water heater is more than 10 years old, replacement of the water heater should be considered.
  • Most newer models are well insulated and do not need additional insulation layers.
  • Any water heater that is warm to the touch should be insulated.
  • Follow manufacturers instructions carefully.
  • Some utilities sell insulation blankets at a low cost, offer rebates, and install the blankets at little or no cost.


  • Water heater blankets pay for themselves through savings within one year. Water heater blankets can reduce annual operating costs by approximately 5 to 15 percent.


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