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Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs)

Increasing energy-efficiency should be an integral part of every PHA's operations and capital improvement-planning process. Energy-conservation improvements significantly reduce energy costs while providing additional benefits:

  • Under the three year rolling base, a PHA retains 150% of the value of the first year of energy cost savings.
  • If a PHA uses an energy performance contract, it can borrow non-HUD funding and keep 100 percent of the cost savings from energy-efficiency improvements, after loan payments, for the life of the loan.
  • Energy-conservation improvements can help ease capital improvement needs.
  • Energy conservation improvements can advance housing from a health, safety, and comfort point of view.
  • Energy conservation helps protect the environment.

Learn more about Incentives and Funding to finance ECMs.

Specific Energy Conservation Measures:
These ECMs can prove cost-effective for public housing authorities.

Building Envelope

B1. Install Storm Windows
B2. Install Replacement Windows
B3. Install Window Sun Shades
B4. Install Storm Doors
B5. Install/Increase Attic Insulation
B6. Install Roof Insulation
B7. Install Wall Insulation
B8. Control Air Leakage

Space Heating and Cooling

H1. Install Vent Dampers
H2. Convert to Electronic Ignition
H3. Install Boiler Controls
H4. Replace Inefficient Heating Plant
H5. Install Programmable Thermostats
H6. Install Radiator Controls
H7. Insulate Hot Water or Steam Pipes
H8. Convert Steam Heating to Hot Water Distribution
H9. Seal and Insulate Ducts
H10. Install Geothermal Heat Pumps
H11. Install Swamp Coolers

Domestic Water-Heating Systems

W1. Install Water-Efficient Showerheads and Faucet Aerators
W2. Insulate Hot Water Tanks
W3. Install Hot Water Off-Peak Controls
W4. Convert Laundry to Cold Rinse
W5. Replace Inefficient Water Heaters
W6. Install Summertime Water Heaters
W7. Convert Water Heater System to Solar


L1. Replace Incandescent Lighting with Compact Fluorescent Lamps in Dwelling Units
L2. Replace Incandescent Lighting with Fluorescent Lighting in Common Areas
L3. Replace Standard Fluorescent Lamps with Energy-Saving Lamps and Install Electronic Ballasts in Common Areas
L4. Install Lighting Controls in Common Areas
L5. Convert Exterior Lighting Fixtures
L6. Install Photo-Controls for Exterior Lighting

Miscellaneous ECMs

M1. Replace Older Refrigerators with High-Efficiency Units
M2. Install Energy- and Water-Efficient Washers and Dryers
M3. Convert Water Supply Pumps
M4. Install Checkmetering or Individual Metering
M5. Install Water-Saving Toilets

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