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ENERGY STAR Bulk Purchasing for HUD

5-Step Checklist

Step 1: Assess the situation

  • Understand current procedures for conducting product replacement, including buying and shipping of new products and proper disposal of old products.
  • Determine whether a bulk purchase program is appropriate for your housing agency.
  • Learn about incentives and financing options for energy-efficiency improvements.
  • Obtain any necessary approval to proceed with a bulk purchase arrangement.

Step 2: Identify the product for purchase

  • Determine the type and quantity of products needed.
  • Understand ENERGY STAR specifications.
  • Use ENERGY STAR's savings calculators to determine cost-effectiveness of products.
  • Authorities interested in refrigerator upgrades can go directly to the cost calculator.

Step 3: Contact the vendor

  • Go to www.bulkpurchase.net and register as a purchaser to prepare and submit a purchase request.
  • Make your request using the tool's easy-to-use instructions. Suppliers are notified by e-mail whenever purchasers submit requests for bids on the ENERGY STAR products the offer.
  • When suppliers respond to your request, you will be notified via e-mail and prompted to check responses through the web site.
  • Decide whether to follow up with each of the suppliers to negotiate a contract. Keep in mind that housing agencies must follow established procurement guidelines when making purchases (reference 24 CFR 85.36).

Step 4: Finalize the deal

Step 5: Evaluate the results

  • Compare energy bills prior to using qualified products and after to assess energy and monetary savings.
  • Determine whether to continue the process.
  • Assess whether bulk purchase arrangement is working.
  • Select new vendors or maintain current relationship.
  • Review process with staff to discuss lessons learned and successes.
  • Market the results.