Vancouver Housing Authority

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The Housing Authority of the City of Vancouver's (VHA) Moving to Work program focus is to provide opportunities to people who experience barriers to housing because of income, disability, or special needs in an environment which preserves personal dignity, and in a manner which maintains the public trust. VHA goals include increasing housing access, expanding self-sufficiency initiatives, allowing for more funding flexibility and financial stability, and fostering an innovative and effective workforce.

VHA plans to continue to use its MTW authority to streamline and simplify required program eligibility processes and management requirements in order to continue recognizing administrative cost saving. These MTW initiatives savings allow for additional resources to be made available for a variety of self-sufficiency incentives and programs to be offered to participants in the Public Housing and HCV programs without sacrificing program integrity. Additionally, VHA utilizes MTW to create new housing programs and opportunities for very low-income persons not normally able to be served under conventional regulations.

VHA currently administers approximately 200 public housing units, 3,350 Housing Choice Voucher units, and 25 units of local, non-traditional housing.

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MTW Status

VHA's MTW program began April 21, 1999. VHA executed the Standard Agreement in 2008, extending its participation through its Fiscal Year 2018. As a result of Congress passing the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2016, VHA’s MTW Agreement was modified and extended to the end of its Fiscal Year 2028.

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Last updated March 17, 2023