Vancouver Housing Authority

General Information

The Housing Authority of the City of Vancouver's (VHA) Moving To Work program is intended to promote resident self-sufficiency by redirecting VHA's resources to provide more direct and beneficial services to low-income families participating in the public housing and Section 8 programs.

VHA plans to continue to use its MTW authority to streamline and simplify required program eligibility processes and management requirements. These MTW initiatives will result in administrative cost savings without sacrificing program integrity and allow for additional resources to be made available for a variety of self-sufficiency incentives and programs to be offered and even required of participants in the public housing and HCV programs. In addition, VHA will utilize MTW to create new housing programs and opportunities for very low-income persons not normally able to be served under conventional regulations.

VHA currently administers approximately 550 public housing units and 2,100 Housing Choice Voucher units. VHA has increased the total number of households served from 2,058 in FY 2001 to 2,628 in FY 2010.

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MTW Status

VHA's MTW program began April 21, 1999. VHA executed the Standard Agreement in 2008, extending its participation in MTW until 2018.


MTW Activities and Information