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Moving to Work (MTW) PHA and Field Office Guidance on the Transition

As with the implementation of the Moving to Work (MTW) Demonstration, transitioning out of the program will require careful planning, coordination of efforts and consideration of a number of different agency functions. Housing authorities participating in the MTW Demonstration will have to begin the process of transitioning from the MTW Demonstration with sufficient time in order to comply with current HUD regulations upon termination of the MTW Agreement or MTW Amendment to the Annual Contributions Contract (ACC). The MTW Agreement or MTW Amendment to the ACC termination date will coincide with the end of the PHA's fiscal year.

It is the responsibility of the MTW agency to take the necessary actions to facilitate the transition from the MTW Demonstration. MTW agencies are required to submit for HUD's review a "Transition Plan" that briefly describes how the agency's transition will occur. This plan will help facilitate your transition into regular non-Demonstration operations. HUD will review and may advise or work with your agency to assist in the transition. In instances where action by HUD is needed (such as approvals of waivers) HUD will review requests. PHAs that will not be requesting any waivers or other actions requiring HUD approval may begin implementing their Transition Plans upon submission to HUD.

Download the full transition guidance.

Please note, HUD is in the process of updating this transition guidance to also include MTW agencies selected under the 100-agency expansion.


Last updated August 15, 2022