Tacoma Housing Authority

General Information

The Tacoma Housing Authority (THA) joined the MTW demonstration in August of 2010. THA serves the city of Tacoma, Washington State's third largest city, and seeks to provide their communities' neediest persons and families with high quality housing and supportive services. THA plans to use their MTW authority to further strengthen their mission and strategic direction. Specifically, their goals are to:

  • Increase administrative efficiency;
  • Encourage economic self-sufficiency among their residents; and,
  • Increase housing options for low-income households residing in their jurisdiction.

Some possible initiatives that THA may attempt to use their MTW authority to implement in the future include:

  • Crafting housing solutions to encourage consistent enrollment for children at an area elementary school;
  • Extending allowable tenant absence from unit for active duty soldiers;
  • Creating a local project-based voucher program;
  • Employing triennial re-certifications for fixed-income households;
  • Modifying the Housing Choice Voucher inspection process; and,
  • Utilizing local verification policies for Housing Choice Vouchers and public housing.

THA also plans to monitor their MTW program effectiveness carefully in order to measure performance and adapt initiatives to optimally meet the needs of their community.

THA currently administers approximately 900 public housing units and 3,500 Housing Choice Voucher units.

MTW Status

THA was selected as an MTW agency through a competition held in 2009 as a part of HUD's 2009 budget appropriation (Section 236, title II, division I) and signed the standard agreement on August 23, 2010. THA's MTW participation will run through its 2018 fiscal year.


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