Portage Metropolitan Housing Authority

General Information

The Portage Metropolitan Housing Authority (PMHA) has articulated the following goals for its MTW program:

  1. Achieve and Maintain Excellence in Property Management
  2. Achieve and Maintain Excellence in Tenant-Based Housing Programs
  3. Improve Productivity and Cost Effectiveness
  4. Collaborate with Community Partners to Leverage Resources to Benefit Households Assisted by PMHA and Portage County

PMHA has used MTW as a vehicle to improve its relationships with the entire Portage County community. Specifically, it has involved local service providers, real estate officials, local developers, legal aid, and Cleveland Area Field Office, residents, and local government officials in its planning process.

PMHA administers approximately 300 units of public housing and 1,800 Housing Choice Vouchers.

More info at: http://www.portagehousing.org

MTW Status

PMHA's MTW program began March 15, 1999. PMHA signed the Standard Agreement in 2008, extending its participation in MTW until the end of its 2018 fiscal year.


 -   Amended and Restated MTW Agreement
 -   Original MTW Agreement
 -   Original MTW Agreement Amendment #1
 -   Original MTW Agreement Amendment #2
 -   Original MTW Agreement One Year Extension
 -   Original MTW Amendment #3

MTW Activities and Information

 -   Annual MTW Plans and Reports
 -   Promising Practices Report


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