Philadelphia Housing Authority

General Information

The Housing Authority of the City of Philadelphia (PHA) has substantially transformed its properties and programs, utilizing flexibility provided by the MTW Agreement in virtually every area of agency operations. PHA's goals for its MTW program include comprehensive rehabilitation and neighborhood revitalization activities, advanced facilities management, energy efficiency and green technologies, partnership programs initiatives, public safety, support for resident economic self-sufficiency and senior independent living, continuous management and administrative improvement efforts, and quality control.

Established in 1937, PHA is the nation's fourth largest public housing authority. PHA administers approximately 18,600 public housing units, and an additional 16,800 families through the Section 8 Voucher Program. PHA also manages Homeownership programs.

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MTW Status

PHA's MTW program began February 28, 2002. PHA signed the Standard Agreement in 2008, extending its participation in MTW until the end of its 2018 fiscal year.


 -   Standard MTW Agreement and First Amendment
 -   Standard MTW Agreement Amendment #2
 -   Original MTW Agreement
 -   Original MTW Amendment #1

MTW Activities and Information

 -   Annual MTW Plans and Reports
 -   Promising Practices Report