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Moving to Work (MTW) Voucher Management System (VMS) Training

MTW Voucher Management System (VMS) System Release Webinar

In March 2022, the Department released a new version of the Voucher Management System (VMS). This new version included changes to the non-Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) expense fields for all MTW PHAs. This refers to VMS fields that are used by MTW PHAs for expenses incurred for activities not normally covered by HAP funds. For instance, HAP funds used by an MTW PHA to administer a local, non-traditional activity (LNT).

HUD provided training to all MTW PHAs on the new VMS changes in August 2022. As a part of this training, HUD also introduced the HCV utilization methodology for MTW PHAs, which HUD will begin tracking in Fiscal Year 2023 (FY 2023). As a part of this methodology, MTW PHAs will be able to report on any commitments and obligations starting in October 2022.

HUD has posted the MTW VMS Changes webinar, and the webinar materials, which can be accessed below.


Last updated September 20, 2022