Moving to Work (MTW) Guidance on MTCS/HUD 50058


When the MTW Demonstration began, HUD envisioned an evaluation design and monitoring methodology that relied heavily on Form HUD-50058 data from HUD's Multifamily Tenant Characteristics System (MTCS), the precursor to the PIC Form-50058 module. However, because the data from MTW sites with alternate rent structures was not compatible with the field edits in MTCS, the Department instructed MTW sites to suspend transmitting data to MTCS in 1999. Realizing the need for a separate module to which MTW sites could transmit their data, the Department released the PIC MTW module in 2005. All MTW sites with alternate rent structures submit select fields from the Form HUD-50058 MTW to the MTW module. Data is uploaded to the MTW module via either an Excel template or a .CSV file. Following the December 2006 update to the module, the Department required MTW sites to successfully transmit records for 85 percent of their MTW households to the MTW module by April 15, 2007. MTW sites without alternate rent structures continue to report their MTW households to the Form-50058 module.

Current Initiative

MTW sites with alternate rent structures have been successfully submitting data to the MTW module since early 2007. MTW sites benefit from submitting data to the MTW module because by submitting data they gain access to Enterprise Income Verification (EIV) System data for their MTW households. The EIV system provides PHAs with readily available third-party income verification data free of charge. Non-MTW PHAs currently use this resource and find it is a helpful tool to verify tenant supplied income data at the time of annual and interim reexaminations. Submitting data also benefits the Department because the data allows the Department to evaluate the MTW Demonstration and provide information to Congress and other interested parties on the program. The Department will make an MTW Delinquency Report available as part of the November 2007 PIC release. This report will allow MTW sites and the Department to monitor MTW reporting rates monthly.


The following materials will assist MTW PHAs is transmitting data to the MTW Module.

 -   Form HUD-50058 MTW
 -   MTW Questions and Answers on Form HUD-50058 MTW, 2006
 -   MTW Questions and Answers on Form HUD-50058 MTW, January 2012
 -   MTW Technical Reference Guide
 -   MTW Data Upload Templates