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HUD Monitoring of Moving To Work (MTW) Agencies

All Moving to Work (MTW) PHAs remain subject to the full range of HUD monitoring and oversight mechanisms. These oversight efforts include, but are not limited to, general compliance reviews, financial reviews, physical inspections and reviews, on-site and remote monitoring reviews, Voucher Management System reporting and rent reasonableness reviews, data accuracy reviews, and other activities as determined by HUD.

Monitoring of MTW PHAs is conducted by HUD PIH Field Offices, except for the five (5) MTW statutory requirements, which are monitored annually by the MTW Office. MTW PHAs may be selected for monitoring as determined by their local Field Office. MTW PHAs are responsible for coordinating and cooperating with their local assigned Field Office in any monitoring action.

The 39 Initial MTW PHAs are subject to MTW site visits, per the MTW Standard Agreement, and they are organized and led by the MTW Office. The purpose of a site visit is to discuss locally designed MTW initiatives and strategies, learn about challenges and local barriers the agency may be facing and discuss potential MTW solutions, talk through short- and long-term MTW PHA goals, and provide technical assistance.

MTW PHAs are also subject to monitoring on other cross-cutting initiatives including but not limited to Davis-Bacon wage requirements, environmental review, Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing requirements, etc. Additionally, all MTW PHAs remain subject to external monitoring by other governmental entities, such as the Government Accountability Office (GAO) and the HUD Office of the Inspector General (HUD OIG).


Last updated September 20, 2022