Lincoln Housing Authority

General Information

The Lincoln Housing Authority's (LHA) MTW goals are to increase the share of residents who are working, increase the share of residents making progress toward self-sufficiency, increase the number of assisted housing units, improve the quality of tenant-based housing units, expand the spatial dispersal of assisted housing, increase rent revenues from residents and increase resident satisfaction with their housing and with HA and its programs.

LHA currently administers approximately 200 public housing units and 3,400 Section 8 vouchers. In addition, the authority has 1,030 housing units in its market-rate and tax-credit housing programs. Participation in the MTW program is mandatory for all LHA public housing and Section 8 residents. LHA's MTW program gives preference to working families, victims of domestic abuse or violence, homeless families, and emergency situations.

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MTW Status

The LHA's MTW program began on May 21, 1999. LHA signed the Standard Agreement in 2008, extending its participation through its Fiscal Year 2018. As a result of Congress passing the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2016, LHA’s MTW Agreement was modified and extended to the end of its Fiscal Year 2028.

Last updated May 1, 2024